Recommended Writers

Writers I admire and envy
Best Comedic Conversion Writer

Lianna Patch runs Punchline Conversion Copy and SNAP on-demand copy. She uses a snarky, irreverent voice to get her point across – so if you are a super-serious client, no, you don't want to go there. I enjoy reading Lianna's blog articles; she is clearly an informed writer who can contribute value to a client. […]

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Best Aviation Writer

Bert Botta loves everything about aviation, including writing for aviation business owners. He spent a career flying aircraft before becoming a copywriter. Don't be put off by his ugly website; the writing on his About page is absolutely beautiful. And oddly enough, both Bert and I read the backs of cereal boxes as little kids […]

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Best Bad Ass Writer

Tania Dakka's in-your-face style isn't for everyone, but when it works it really works.

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Recommended Feature Article Writers

I worked with these two writers eons ago, but their work is as fresh and clever as ever.

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Best Real Estate Blogger

Real estate blogging is local because people buy and sell locally. And the best Miami real estate blogger, hands down, is Sean McCaughan. He is very busy running and writing for Miami Curbed, so the odds he will blog on your behalf are pretty much nil. Plus, to do so would be a serious conflict […]

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Best Internet Marketing Blogger

Kristi Hines is really, really good at blogging about online marketing and social media for trade publishers. Most of her work (in her portfolio at least) is for outlets like Social Media Examiner and Kissmetrics that speak to the SEO community. In other words, it is B2B content... businesses selling to other businesses. She is […]

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Best Catalog Writer

Laura Serino is a wonderful writer for product descriptions, especially those related to clothing and lifestyle.

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