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B2B marketing deals with a mashup of decision-makers.  It requires a longer sales cycle with more more messaging. There is heavy reliance on email. Plus, closing often involves the efforts of real-world salespeople.  All the pieces have to lock into place. A good B2B copywriter handles the concerns of each stakeholder while keeping the overall narrative and brand voice cohesive.


Some clients worry that I am not in their niche. Usually, it's no problem. I enjoy learning new things. And having an outsider's perspective can be an advantage. You'll get fresh ideas instead of a rehash of what your competitors are doing. If your niche is beyond me, I'll recommend someone else.

Soft Sell

B2B is rarely hard sell. The sales funnel depends on developing relationships and a feeling of trust. It's a conversation that occurs across multiple levels and channels. So, it's important to keep a human voice and remain authentic instead of using marketing-speak.B2B products or services are purchased by people – business owners, IT directors, sales managers, etc. So I try to use simple direct language to express how easily you can relieve their pain, whether that is a bottleneck in the production process or a glitch in their technology.

B2B marketing requires a stream of quality content to nurture relationships. I write just about anything you need, from sales sheets to downloads.  I can refine your brand voice and meet hit your deadlines. Happy smiles all around.

  • Identification of key benefits and how they distinguish you from your competition
  • Research into your target audience characteristics and their patterns of media consumption
  • Website sales pages
  • Lead generating pieces such as downloadable white papers, e-books, and case studies
  • Fact sheets, sales brochures, leave-behind pieces
  • Sales training materials including print pieces, flip books, and scripts

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