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B2C writing usually has a short sales cycle. The consumer thinks about wanting a product, researches onliine, and purchases either online or offline.The marketing approach is based on emotion and brand affinity. To retain customers, B2C businesses use nurturing tactics including email and social media. Some products, such as food, is sold both B2C and B2B (to grocery chains or outlets).

Research underpins just about every writing assignment. I understand the product or service. I must have a good grasp of its likely market. I must know your competitors, their strengths and weak spots. And I must know what trends might disrupt the industry.

Yippee! if your brand voice is solid. But maybe it needs work. No worries. I can help you find the right strategy for a voice that is true to your identity and resonates with your customers. I use surveys, research, and interviews to do this. In other words, elbow grease.

B2C writing is usually directed one-to-one, although purchases may require buy-in from mom as well kids, the gal pack well as the boyfriend. B2C writing is often based in emotion and buttressed by rational reasons to buy. The style can be anything as long as it fits your audience.

I know how write for various media, including web, online, email, video, and print. I don't do social media because there is a limit to what I can be good at. But I make my work share-friendly, so a social maven can slice it up and share it with your tribe.

  • B2C digital copywriting with deep experience in consumer persuasion supported by familiarity with SEO, UX, and more.
  • Product launches, particularly in the food industry
  • A fresh perspective on your product or service that you may have overlooked
  • Landing pages, including squeeze pages that focus on one product or service and taking a single action
  • Digital marketing materials including lead magnets such as e-books and white papers
  • Offline marketing materials including press kits, sales pieces, and trade booth displays
  • Campaign concepts for online and offline use


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